Vin-6081Over the past years, technology has changed the way people come together. Especially in the dating scene. Long gone are the days that you would meet your soulmate crossing paths in a long hall at the library, pumping gas at the station, maybe fixing her flat tire when she’s stranded on the side of the road. Fast forward to today’s society where dating takes place on the internet.
With the growing popularity of sites like E-Harmony, and Tinder, more and more people areĀ stepping up their game when it comes to their online profiles. Take Tinder for example, no time to read Bio’s? No problem, after a quick glance at your possible love connection, a quick swipe to the right or left will determine their fate in the blink of an eye. This is why it’s important to have a strong profile picture.

I got the call from Vin telling me that he needed to update his profile pictures as he wasn’t having much luck in the online dating scene, asked if I can help him out. He looked at my website and liked the feel of my images. I met Vin just a couple days ago and although he’s not a model and this is his first time behind a lens, I reassured him that all he needed to do was relax, feel confident and have fun. It didn’t take long before he got in his game and we started to get some great shots. A quick stroll through downtown Campbell led us to a few interesting backdrops. At first glance it may be tricky to find some photogenic spots in Campbell. Or maybe there are tons and it’s a bit overwhelming. My two favorite were a coffee shop scene and a casual session in front of Opa’s. We finished off the shoot with some hard and direct sunlight. This works especially well with men. It requires really paying attention to the light and shadows. I kept telling Vin to turn his face ever so slightly to capture the exact lights falloff on his face. In the end I showed him a couple of the shots and he was blown away. You don’t have to be a model to look like one. Light is your friend. Use it wisely.Vin-6365 Vin-6351 Vin-6288 Vin-6176 Vin-5801